Caravans…and their many types!

Caravans come in just about as many variations as cars, so we aren’t going to go into all of them here!

Conventional Caravans

Usually between 3 and 6.5 metres long, on a single axle, a regular caravan can sleep between two and six people. They’ll usually be fully kitted out for a stay, with toilet, shower and kitchen area.

Twin Axle Caravans

If there are two axles the caravan will be bigger and heavier, although the addition of an extra axle makes them much easier and more stable to tow. Bear in mind that they are more difficult to manoeuvre though!

Teardrop trailers

Miniature trailers that are just about big enough for a double bed on the floor, maybe with some cooking facilities.

Pop Top Caravans

These have a fabric top which can be raised once the caravan is sited, allowing you to still stand up in a caravan with limited space. When folded away, drag is reduced and you’ll end up consuming less petrol. The smaller height also means they fit in most garages.

Fifth Wheeler

A caravan with a huge amount of living space – some even with slide-out sections – but they can only be towed by a pickup truck.

Off-Road Trailers

Built specifically to go comfortably over rough terrain, they usually have the bare minimum of luxuries.

Pop-Up Trailer

When travelling it looks just like a trailer, but with vinyl or canvas walls which can increase the amount of space inside.


Motorhomes aren’t towed but have an actual vehicle engine in them! They tend to be better for travel.

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