The Importance of Caravan Cleanliness

Before you go on your next caravan holiday, take a day or so to have a real hard look at your vehicle.

Are you sure that your holiday home is as optimised for relaxed living as impossible?

Many caravan users, exhausted by the end of their journeys, can often just take out the essentials and leave a whole heap of junk in, what’s meant to be, a relaxing environment. For some, the caravan can even become the garage substitute. Left to gather dust for eight or even nine months out of the year, it can slowly start to fill with junk, dust can gather and rust can form.

Living-Room-CaravanDon’t let your next caravan holiday get hampered by your cluttered caravan, sort it out now before it becomes a problem!

Its an easy mistake to make, either the vehicle is left to gather junk or an overzealous packer tries to make it a home away from home. Suddenly crockery, cutlery, keepsakes and dog toys are packing the shelves and there’s no room for what’s really important.

When you next leave for your caravan holiday, leave your home at home. Apply the rules of space travel, only take what is absolutely necessary – the more you take the more it will cost you in fuel. It might seem pedantic to take issue over an extra mug or set of plates, but it really does make all the difference!

tidy caravanBy reducing your in-caravan luggage down to the bare minimum, your space will not only be more economical but it will also feel bigger. You’ll stop relying on home comforts and start to appreciate the novelty of being away from your ordinary life. If you’re no longer sure what’s an essential and what’s a luxury, then call in a professional organiser. Although usually employed to reclaim domestic environments, the principles remain the same and they can have your caravan looking lean and mean in no time.

Holidays away from home should be exactly that. We may use caravans to retain a certain level of domestic comfort, but you’re not on holiday if you’re spending half your time looking after the wedding crockery. Before you go away, clean, de-clutter and thank me later.

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